Vilmos is a stand-up comedian. He is a true road dog that criss crosses the US and Canada working in comedy's most prestigious and notorious rooms. The Spew is a freeform trip through show business, the road, and the characters that make their appearances along the way.

EP #224 - Clean vs Dirty: Vilmos talks amount the Clean vs Dirty debate going on in the comedy community and how it has affected him.

Air date: Feb 7, 2016   Show length: 18 minutes 18 seconds

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EP #223 - Amy Schumer: Vilmos is back with a new more compact format that matches the name. In this Spew he explains the Amy Schumer joke thief accusations and why they don't matter.

Air date: Jan 29, 2016   Show length: 12 minutes 12 seconds

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Episode #222 - Jan 14, 2016: This is the final episode of The Spew. Thanks very much to all that have listened over the years.

Air date: Jan 14, 2016   Show length: 16 minutes 16 seconds

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