The voice in Vilmos' head won’t shut up and he isn't going anywhere. So on the Spew, Vilmos sits down with him to hash it out. Vilmos brings to the show his unscripted views on daily life, his shows, his experience, and he shares mic time with the Voice. The Voice doesn't just think he's smarter. He’s proud of his disgust, which he aims exclusively at Vilmos. Listeners get to decide which side they're on. Whether you’re with Vilmos, or the Voice, or wavering between the two, you'll find the Spew a freeform trip through show business, the road, and the characters that make their appearances along the way.

Episode #192 - Apr 13, 2015: Vilmos talks about the show he did at the Louisiana State HOG Rally.

Air date: Apr 13, 2015   Show length: 48 minutes 48 seconds

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Episode #191 - Apr 6, 2015: Vilmos discusses a big show that's coming up this weekend.

Air date: Apr 6, 2015   Show length: 39 minutes 39 seconds

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Episode #190 - Mar 30, 2015: Comedian Ari Shaffir insults a lesser known comedian in his recent Comedy Central special. Vilmos explains why it was the wrong thing to do.

Air date: Mar 30, 2015   Show length: 34 minutes 34 seconds

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